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Con Bro Chill,
We Came To Party

We Should Hang Out - Con Bro Chill

Con Bro Chill may just be the most fantastically dressed Youtube group out there, and they make equally fantastic music. I think it might be impossible not to get in a good mood listening to them. The video for this song is pretty clutch too.

They successfully funded their Kickstarter of Dreams this summer, with the promise of more music and more outrageous videos, definitely making it worth your time to subscribe to them on Youtube at the very least.

Here are some other great songs from them…

Power Happy | Dance Thief | Partied Out

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Maduk (ft Veela)

Ghost Assassin - by Maduk (featuring Veela)

If you can’t guess from the song title, this song is actually about Kerrigan from Starcraft. That makes it pretty awesome right off the bat.

Sometimes I think the Liquid Drum & Bass genre can get a little bit repetitive, but Veela’s vocals elevate this song to another level. It only gets better after the first listen.